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Small Tote Bag Double Curve

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Small tote bags do not feature a zipper.

Double curves, although there are many different variations and styles that you would see in not only ancient stone carvings and regalia, but also in contemporary Mi’kmaq art. These double curves have also been found in other tribes along the east coast, such as the Wolastoqey and the Penobscot people. The interpretation of the double curve that we use is of mother earth and nature. Each curve can represent plant life such as leaves and flowers. These plants hold high significance to the Mi’kmaq people in terms of harvesting food, sacred medicines and traditional healing properties. One example of a double curve found on regalia, would be a women’s peaked cap. This peaked cap would be given to a young girl when she became a woman, and as she aged she would add double curves and other designs relevant to the knowledge she had gained. Mi’kmaq people of high importance also donned the double curves in their coats and other clothing.

Design created by Mi’kmaq Artist Melissa Peter-Paul