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Women's Kwe 2.0 V-Neck

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“Kwe’” is the Francis Smith Mi’kmaq dialect meaning “Hello”, or “Goei” in the Pacifique dialect. A local Mi’kmaq artist named Melissa Peter-Paul is who created this design for us, to be a conversation starter between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. By having the Mi’kmaq word for hello on our shirts, we hope to bridge the gap and allow for healthy dialogue in our present day society. Our hope by using this is that this conversation aids in moving towards reconciliation for all of us. 

Design created by Mi’kmaq Artist Melissa Peter-Paul

This product features a translation of Kwe' in English. We made this design from feedback from non-indigenous allies who love to support our original Kwe' design but want to avoid cultural appropriation! With this translation, we hope to create a safe space for our people and allies!